“Sweet wines just aren’t my thing, but Neige is so unexpected. Who would have thought apple ice wine could turn me on to sweet wines? Incredible fragrance from the apples combined with piercing acidity makes this so sippable and not cloying. Very good with cheddar!”
Cynthia Sin-Yi Cheng, Cravings, Dec. 12th, 2008.
Neige is pure enjoyment in a bottle.”
Jean-Louis Doucet, Les Meilleurs Vins de 10 à 30$, 2010.
“Who would have believed that one day cider could compete with grand dessert wines?”
Bruno Quenioux, Head Sommelier, Lafayette Gourmet, Paris.

Autumn harvest. Blend of McIntosh (55%), Cortland and Spartan apples.

Golden yellow color with shimmering reflections.

Pure and crisp, the aromas of freshly picked ripe apples are vividly intense.

Tasty and softly sweet attack, persistent and tense. A delicious balance between sugar and acidity.

Perfect as an aperitif or accompanied with sharp cheese (ex.: Chèvre Noir) or blue-veined cheese, and desserts.

Serve cold.

12,5 % alc./vol.

Available formats:
  • 50 ml
  • 200 ml
  • 375 ml
  • 750 ml

Produced since 1994, Neige Première is the leading inspiration of La Face Cachée de la Pomme. It is the very first ice cider (also known as apple ice wine) to be commercialized in Québec and throughout the world.

In the fall, very ripe apples are picked and stored at cool temperatures until the end of December. Once winter arrives, the fruit is pressed and the juice obtained is placed outside in the intense January cold. During crystallization, the water separates from the sugars by natural cryoconcentration. After few days of intense cold, concentrated must, representing ¼ of the initial quantity of juice, is collected by gravity. The extracted must is then placed in stainless steel tanks where it ferments at least six months at low temperatures before being bottled.


Info for Professionals

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